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Moving cleaning

Moving cleaning

Cleaning out the old home is not the most fun, especially when you would rather unpack and furnish your new home. In addition, a moving cleaning that is not approved can be expensive. So let us at Jacobs cleaning & window cleaning take care of the moving cleaning and we promise that both you and the new home owners will be satisfied. 

Cleaning with Satisfied customer guarantee 
Our satisfied customer guarantee ensures that both the person moving out and the person moving in will be satisfied with the result.

That way, as a seller, you don't have to worry about having to go back and correct something, and as a buyer, you can feel safe that the cleaning has been properly carried out. 


What is included in a moving cleaning? 
A moving cleaning is a total review of the home after it has been emptied of furniture. All surfaces are vacuumed and, if materials and conditions permit, wet-dried. Hard-to-reach and high surfaces are also cleaned during a moving cleaning. Also including window cleaning in the moving cleaning is standard.

Read more below about how we clean each room.

These steps are included in Jacob's moving cleaning:

  • All living spaces

    Dust drying on and behind elements. Dust drying and de-staining of walls, doors, joinery, switches, sockets, thresholds, wires, pipes. Cleaning of valves, fixed wardrobes, cupboards, drawers, windowsills, windowsills. Window plaster inside and outside and between the glasses. Vacuuming and moisture drying of floors.

  • Bathroom, toilet

    Cleaning valves, walls, tiles, sinks, bathtubs (also underneath), toilet seats, bidets, bathroom cabinets, pipes, water lines, shower cubicles,
    cleaning and cleaning of floor drains.


  • Kitchen
    Cleaning of the cover, cooker hood incl. filter, hob and hotplates incl. edges of the stove, sides of the stove, oven and tin cabinet, plates and grates, refrigerator and freezer inside and out, cupboards, doors and frames, sink including hob and mixer, cutting board, dishwasher, microwave, tiles, walls, spice rack.


  • Laundry
    Cleaning of washing machine (dispensing compartment, door, filter), tumble dryer (door and filter), drying cabinet


  • Storage, garage 
    Drying fixed interior. Sweeping floors.

​About RUT deduction

The service gives the right to a tax reduction. This means that it is a household service (RUT) and that you as a customer only pay 50% of the labor cost. The tax reduction is administered by us at Jacobs when you receive the invoice, all to make it easy for you.

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