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Window cleaning

Cleaning windows is one of those tasks that is often put off, sometimes for so long that it is almost difficult to tell the weather outside the glass. Jacob's professional window cleaner cleans your windows effectively and removes splashes and dirt streaks.

With us at Jacobs cleaning & window cleaning, you always get safe and secure help from specialist trained window cleaners.

We provide our services in Örebro, Glanshammar, Ervalla, Odensbacken, Stora Mellösa, Lindesberg, Frövi, Nora and Kopparberg and the surrounding area to both private individuals and companies. No window is too difficult. Our window cleaners have a high-altitude certificate, so if it's a tall house/window, we hire a skylift. 

About RUT deductions
The service gives the right to a tax reduction. This means that it is a household service (RUT) and that you as a private customer only pay 50% of the labor cost. The tax reduction is administered by us when you receive the invoice, all to make it easy for you.

How to calculate the number of windows:

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