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Major cleaning

Major cleaning

Doing a good major cleaning on your own can take a long time and be difficult for many.


During a major cleaning, your home receives a basic cleaning of surfaces that are not normally covered by regular cleaning.

Our one-off cleaning services are suitable for those who want occasional help with cleaning at home.

Regardless of whether you live in a small apartment or a larger house, we carry out a thorough cleaning where, on request, we also clean, for example, the inside of the refrigerator. To book a one-off cleaning, contact us or fill in a request here >>

The major cleaning includes:


All rooms:

  • Vacuuming floors, carpets and upholstered/upholstered furniture

  • Shaking of small carpets (if possible)

  • Mopping floors

  • Drying of skirting boards, doors, frames, connectors, window sills, free surfaces

  • Polishing of mirrors

  • Emptying trash cans

  • Dusting of furniture and lamps

  • Dust drying of free surfaces on shelves

  • Drying on top of wardrobes


Bath & toilet/laundry room:

  • Cleaning of bathtub/shower and toilet

  • Drying of bathroom cabinets inside and out

  • Cleaning of faucets and sinks

  • Drying of walls

  • Cleaning the outside of white goods

  • Cleaning of floor drains

  • Cleaning of water locks

  • Drying out the washing machine and tumble dryer

  • Drying white goods and fan outside

  • Cleaning the inside and outside of cabinets where there are garbage containers

  • Drying of kitchen doors and kitchen cabinets externally

  • Cleaning of the sink and kitchen counter, stove and tiles

  • Drying on top of kitchen cupboards

  • Cleaning the oven



We are happy to carry out what is not included in the major cleaning, please let us know what you want and we will add it to your customer profile. For more information please contact customer service.

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