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Home cleaning

We help you with the house cleaning

Do you want cleaning once in a while or at fixed intervals? Regardless, we have a service that suits you. 

We take care of the cleaning in your home and together we come up with a solution that suits you in terms of frequency, cleaning day and time.

As a customer, you decide what should be included in your cleaning, we do what you want help with!

Of course, it would be great not to mess around with the vacuum cleaner, mop the floor, wash the toilet and struggle with everything else that needs to be cleaned. Simply escape the everyday stress.


Recurring cleaning
When we come to your home, it is important that you feel satisfied with the results. Coming home to a freshly cleaned home that smells clean and fresh is a wonderful everyday luxury that we strive for you to feel after every visit.

Regardless of how often you wish to have cleaning help, each cleaning is carried out according to our cleaning list. Our cleaning professionals carefully follow all the steps that the cleaning list contains, but we are also open to adapting the cleaning according to your individual wishes and needs so that you feel equally satisfied after every cleaning done!

In case of recurring cleaning, we also help you with other additional services such as window cleaning, ironing and laundry.

About RUT deductions
The service gives the right to a tax reduction. This means that it is a household service (RUT) and that you as a customer only pay 50% of the labor cost. The tax reduction is administered by us at Jacob's cleaning & fönsterputs AB when you receive the invoice, everything to make it easy for you.

Contact us 
Call or email us and we'll tell you what we can do for your particular home. Phone number: 019-18 99 45 or mail:

Or submit a free inquiry today via the form below. 

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