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We at Jacob's offer cleaning & window cleaning to everyone - both to companies and private individuals in Örebro County.

Escape the everyday stress.  We are happy to help you with the house cleaning - for a shiny clean everyday life. We can come every, every two or every four weeks. 


We carry out all kinds of cleaning for small, medium and large companies. Everything from the small office to the large industries.


We clean your barracks and sheds and ensure that you have a good working environment. Our shed cleaning contributes to better hygiene and better well-being at your workplace. 


We can help with everything from, for example, documents and changing sheets. We can take care of the laundry, accompany you to the bank and pharmacy, etc. 


Do you want to give your visitors an extra welcoming impression? In that case, we recommend one of our custom-made entrance rugs that fit the dimensions of your particular entrance

Image by Erica Zhou

A clean store greatly strengthens all of your customers' experience of you and also contributes to long-term increased profitability for your business.

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Jacobs professional window cleaner cleans your windows effectively and removes splashes and streaks of dirt. Book now and get the neighborhood's cleanest windows! 


A real major cleaning can really make a home feel like new, which can be nice for the holidays or just as a refresh of the home.

Trappor och räcken

Stair cleaning for a clean and pleasant feeling. Stair cleaning means that entrances and stairwells must be clean, pleasant and safe. 


Do you need help cleaning a home where regular cleaning is not enough? Smoking, flooding or perhaps a prolonged period of inadequate cleaning?


Well-kept rooms are one of the most important comfort factors for hotel guests. We at Kixon have extensive experience in hotel cleaning.

Industrial Drill

We have extensive experience in cleaning everything from small car workshops to larger warehouses and industries. We help you to have a more pleasant working environment.


Our satisfied customer guarantee ensures that both the person moving out and the person moving in will be satisfied with the result.


Is the building finished and ready for inspection? Not without a serious construction cleaning. From us you get an affordable and cost-effective cleaning of your construction site.

dödsbo städning kixon.jpg

When a loved one has passed away, we can help you to take care of the estate. We offer moving cleaning, emptying and removal, etc. 


Floor care  - Extend the lifespan. Wood, plastic, laminate, stone or textile doesn't really matter. We have the knowledge to revive floors that have long since lost their luster.

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We offer window cleaning of shop windows on an ongoing contract with the time interval that is best suited for your particular company. 

Rulltrappa Handrail Sanitization

More info will come in the fall!

Special cleaning

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